Summer Trends: One-piece Swimsuits and High Waisted Bikinis

Bikini season is upon us and it is time to choose my favourites and head out to go get them! Colombia is known for its swimwear brands and they are considered as really good quality, that's why this season I'll be wearing only Colombian brands. And since I'll be travelling to Europe (Hello Santorini!) I'll definitely be getting right into the one-piece and high waisted bikini trend!

One-piece swimsuits and high waisted bottoms on bikinis are definitely a trend for this season and sadly I don't own a single piece like that. I think I haven't worn a one-piece since I was 12, but with all the new designs I'm craving to get one! My favourite ones:
If you are afrad to look like a 12 year old in your one-piece swimsuit like me, these three options are sure to make you feel more femenine. The Bahia Maria option has a really deep v that will make you feel very sexy. Ancora's one piece has cups to hold your girls steady and give you an extra oomph if you need the help, which I do, and the white lines fool the eye into seeing more of an hourglass figure. If you want a more fun and lively print the Mio Coral offering will definitely suit you, this teal and purple floral swimsuit has cut outs at the side to give it a bit of an edge. Bahama Mama's option has the playful print with the sexy deep v, giving you the best of both worlds.


The high waisted bikini trend is just perfect! You get the sexyness of a bikini and the comfort of a one-piece, this style suits all types of bodies, specially if you didn't get your bikini body workouts on time. Ancoras' and Bahia Maria's offerings all have sturdy bottoms for more coverage, while Bahama Mama goes vintage and has high rise sides. All four options are really bright and playful, but I have to admit that my favourite is Ancora's Frida aoption. Seriously having Frida Kahlo on my bathing suit is gonna make me feel totally empowered and cool! 

These are my favourites for this season and if you want to get some of these pieces, Bahia Maria and Ancora offer worldwide shipping on their website for those of you who want to add a Colombian piece to your summer wardrobe! 

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