Perfect Winter Lipstick

MAC Diva makeup
Now that it is winter it is time to whip out my favourite fall/winter lipstick! This deep wine, burgundy, colour is my all time favourite dark lipstick. I know that most people reserve these types of colours for the winter or nightime, but I seriuosly wear this all the time; during spring and fall, during the day, at night, really whenever I feel like it (which is always). It is a matte formula so it can be a bit drying, but nothing a bit of lip balm can't help.
MAC Diva
MAC's Diva
MAC Diva swatch

This lippie is perfect for those days when you aren't wearing much makeup but want to feel a bit glam, it makes you feel super put together. Just make sure your're not wearing it when you are gonna pucker up!
MAC Diva makeup
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