Travel with me: Antwerp + Hilton Old Town

I had the opportunity to travel for a quick trip to Antwerp and loved it!

To be honest I only got to know the Old Town part of Antwerp but I think it was the best part to see! The cobbled streets and traditional architecture made walking anywhere amazing, I could only stare every way.

I stayed at the Hilton Antwerp Old Town Hotel and it was the perfect place to stay! Not only was it located at the Groenplaats, a gorgeous square next to the Cathedral with the cutest gazebo to soak in the views, but was the best place to rest and eat!

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After our weeklong whirlwind Paris trip where waking up early and seeing as many sights as possible we were exhausted and wanted to have a relaxing day at Antwerp! We stayed in the alcove suite and it was perfect for the three of us! You can watch the room tour here. We got there at sunset and just chilled at the Hotel's terrace while enjoying the views.

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The next day we had breakfast at the buffet and, of course, had try the famous Belgian waffles! Then we headed out to the Cathedral of the Lady of Antwerp, the Hetsteen (we thought it was a castle!), the Groenplaats and of course a little bit of shopping!

Then it was time for lunch and, let me tell you, the Flo Brasserie, at the hotel, was incredible! We had the seafood platter and champagne and had to say that the seasonal meal was of amazing quality.

And off we went to our next stop, Brussels!

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