Disney World Tips

As you might know I love going to Disney, specially Disney World, and after many, many trips there I thought I would do a post talking about my tips. Some might be very obvious, but some people might not take them into account. This last trip that I was there with friends showed me that they are quite helpful and budget friendly.

Florida weather is crazy and you have to be prepared to face it, check the weather forecast always before going. Many people think that Florida is always hot year round, but not really it can get cold in the winter. So sometimes you might have to pack clothes for the cold, sometimes you have to pack lightweight clothes for the unbearable heat, and almost always you have to pack a rain poncho (unless you wanna buy overpriced ones at the parks).

You can choose up to three fastpasses per day beforehand, but many of them will be used up if you do it the night before. So do it with time, you have up to one month, three if you are staying at a Disney Hotel, in advance to the date that you are going to select your fastpasses. So once you have bought your tickets head to the My Disney Experience app, link your tickets and select the fastpasses you want. Once you have gone to the three rides and used up the fastpasses you can select more, so try to choose the initial three to be during the morning time.

If you are not looking to spend a ton of money but still want some Disney swag to wear at the parks or take back home buy it outside the parks. There is a Disney Outlet were you can find good prices on older merchandise and also most drugstores in the area will have t-shirts, bags and Minnie ears at really good prices.

Regardless of the weather you will want to be hydrated throughout the day and park prices can be elevated. It is also no the best for the environment to be buying multiple plastic bottles. If you can take a reusable water bottle and fill it up at the various water stations and restaurants throughout the parks you will be helping your wallet and the environment.

 With the amount of walking you will be doing, you will for sure be hungry all day. Some people don't know that you can take food into the parks with no problem. So wether you just want to take in some snacks or your entire family's lunch you can do so. I grew up eating sandwiches every time we went to the parks and it really does not take away from the experience. Now that I am older I will buy lunch at the parks, but take lots of snacks to munch on while I'm waiting in line.

I hope these are good tips for you, if you wanna know more tips and tricks for Disney (like photo spots) leave me a comment.

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