Travel with me: Japan

Wow this travel has been in the works for years! One of my best friends from high school has been living in Tokyo for four years now and I’ve been wanting to visit her for that long. We were in Japan for 15 days and had such an incredible time. It really makes sense why so many people love this country!

We spent one day in Nara, one day in Kobe, two days in Osaka, four days in Kyoto and 6 days in Tokyo. My favorite by far was Kyoto, the temple, the streets, the people, everything was so traditional and showed the culture and history of Japan. If I have to be really honest, Osaka was not my fave, I had really high expectations and it just wasn’t what I imagined. The food was good, but it wasn’t the best I had in Japan. Of course we only went to Kobe for the Kobe beef which completely lived up to the hype!

xx Dani


  1. gracias es lindo conocer otras culturas y asi aprender de ellas