Best Tips for Castle Photos at Magic Kingdom

Cinderella's Castle Photo Spots
Who doesn't want the perfect Cinderella Castle picture when at Magic Kingdom? In honor of the new castle look I'm sharing my tips on where and how to get the best photo.

Cinderella's Castle Photo Spots, Magic Kingdom Map

1. The Traditional

Cinderella's Castle Photo Spots
Cinderella's Castle Photo SpotsCinderella's Castle Photo Spots

Head to the left side (or right, I just prefer the left) of the castle, stand right next to the where the  railing starts and there you will be able to get as few people as possible on your picture and get the whole castle in your photo. You can also wait until they seal off the castle walk way and stand by the rope and get no people at all on your picture. You might have to wait for a spot to open up, but just be patient.

2. The Castle on the Background

Cinderella's Castle Photo Spots   Cinderella's Castle Photo Spots

After passing Main Street go to the fountain spots on the left or right, you can stand on the bench to try to hide the crowds or stand in front of it and cover the people with your body. These spots tend to have less people so you can take your time shooting your photo.

3. Cinderella's Wishing Well

Cinderella's Castle Photo Spots

While at this spot you don't get the entire castle in the shot, the wishing well is such a cute place that it's worth just having a bit of the castle in this picture. Head through the walkway that leads to fantasy land and you will find this little place. Jumping on the well is not the easiest, but well worth the photo.

4. The Castle's Side View

Cinderella's Castle Photo Spots

This is the emptiest spot to take photos of the castle on this list. The walkway to Tomorrowland is not a place people usually think of to take pictures of the castle, but it has a great view of it and if you go at sunset you will get the perfect shot with the sky and the castle, and you might also get some ducks in the water if you're lucky! 

Let me know if these tips work for you! I can't wait to go and take some more pictures with the castle's new look, have you seen it in person already? I will probably wait until late next year before heading back to Disney World, international travel from Colombia is still not active so I'll wait until things get better.

xx Dani

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